Butterfly Fan Zhendong series is Butterfly’s new top blade family announced in September 2022. It consists of five models whose constructions are 5+2 ply outer fiber constructions with five different fibers – ALC, Super ALC, ZLC, Super ZLC and CNF. The shape is based on Butterfly Viscaria or Butterfly Zhang Jike series. TTGearLab could take pictures of three models – Super ALC, ALC and ZLC – among these five. TTGearLab will post a report on the Performance Indices of Fan Zhendong series soon.

Fan Zhendong Super ALC (left), Fan Zhendong ALC (middle) and Fan Zhendong ZLC (right).
Handle shape is similar to that of current Viscaria. Hexagolal shape of Aluminum panel is new shape made for Fan Zhendong series.
Fan Zhendong Super ALC provides more power than Fan Zhendong ALC.
The construction of Fan Zhendong Super ALC isn’t different from that of Viscaria Super ALC. ALC of Viscaria (or Fan Zhendong ALC) is replaced by Super ALC. Top layer is Koto. Super ALC is placed directly under the top layer.
Blue is theme color of Butterfly’s ALC models. In Fan Zhendong series, light blue is expressing Super ALC while sky blue are expressing regular ALC.
Fan Zhendong ALC is a redesigned model of Viscaria. This is the most important model in Fan Zhendong series because this blade (or Viscaria) is being used by Fan Zhendong.
This construction hasn’t been changed from autumn 1993 that Viscaria first announced. Viscaria, Timo Boll Spirit, Timo Boll ALC, Zhang Jike, Zhang Jike ALC and Lin Gaoyuan ALC shared this construction. Top layer is Koto, and ALC is placed directly under the top layer. Overall thickness is average 5.7mm.
Blue is the theme color of Butterfly ALC models. Dark blue of head printing and sky blue of handle express that this model is Fan Zhendong ALC. Contrast color of handle is dark gray.
Fan Zhendong ZLC is the redesigned model of Zhang Jike ZLC. The theme color of ZLC model is white and gray.
The construction of Fan Zhendong ZLC is identical to that of Zhang Jike ZLC and Timo Boll ZLC. Top layer is Koto, and ZLC is placed directly under the top layer. Overall thickness is average 5.5mm.
White and gray are the theme color of handle.
Small rounded hologram lense is inserted on the backside of handle. In the Zhang Jike series the hologram lens doesn’t harmonize with the handle design because small rounded lens wasn’t considered when Zhang Jike series was designed. However, the hologram lens harmonizes well with the handle design in Fan Zhendong series.

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