[Updated on 20th May 2023] Butterfly ‘Ovtcharov InnerForce ALC’ is the blade made for Dimitrij Ovtcharov who is the member of German Men’s National Team. It is a 5+2 ply inner-fiber blade based on Butterfly ‘InnerForce Layer ALC’ but the its construction is thicker than that of ‘InnerForce Layer ALC’ (6.2mm vs. 5.7mm). The size of head is also enlarged to 158 x 152mm from 157mm x 150mm of ‘InnerForce Layer ALC’. ‘Ovtcharov InnerForce ALC’ can be considered as the high-speed version of inner ALC blades in Butterfly blade range. It can be compared with some existing high-speed inner ALC blades such as DHS ‘Hurricane Long 5X’. Also, it can be strongly recommended as the combination with new sticky rubbers such as Butterfly ‘Dignics 09c’.

Blade construction is based on that of InnerForce Layer ALC. However, thickness has been increased from 5.7mm to 6.2mm. Top layer is Limba, middle layer is Ayous and center layer is also Ayous. ALC is inserted between middle layer and center layer.
FL handle version. Head size is 158mm x 152mm while the head size of ‘InnerForce Layer ALC’ is 157mm x 150mm.
No printing is applied for backside of head.
FL handle is the standard FL of Butterfly that is applie for most of Butterfly blades such as ‘Timo Boll’ series and ‘InnerForce Layer’ series. It is different from the semi-wide FL handle that is applied for ‘Viscaria’, ‘Fan Zhendong’ series and ‘Zhang Jike series’.
The small hologram lens at the backside of handle is now the symbol of Butterfly blades.
ST handle version.
The ST handle of ‘Ovtcharov InnerForce ALC’ has semi-wide ST handle with rounded edge. It is standard ST of Butterfly that is applied form most of Butterfly blades. (Exception is ‘Timo Boll’ series or ‘Mizutani Jun’ series whose ST handles have squared cross section.

Following are the performance indices of Ovtcharov InnerForce ALC :

– Ep = 1.96

– Ec = 1.82 (Ec/Ep = 0.93)

– Vp = 1.30

– Vl = 1.39 (Vl/Vp = 1.07)

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