Stiga DNA Dragon Grip 55 is the sticky version of Stiga DNA series. Since the introduction of Polyball, sticky rubber has begun to attract attention as a solution to the reduced rotation. Many players who hadn’t used sticky rubbes started to use DHS Neo Hurricane 3. And, table tennis makers and OEM factories has tried to develop the rubbers those can compete with DHS rubbers. Stiga DNA Dragon Grip 55 is one of the results of such efforts. It is also one of the new German sticky tension rubbers those are being launched from various TT companies. (Of course every rubber has its own characteristics although those German sticky tension rubbers are produced by the same technology.) It can also be compared with Butterfly Dignics 09c which is Japanese rubber which is also similar to Chinese sticky rubber. The sponge density of DNA Drangon Grip 55 is 55 degree in German standard ( = around 40~42 degree in Butterfly/DHS standard).

The concept of packaging is same as that of the other rubbers in DNA series. But, the color is different. Red color is expressing that this is the rubber similar to Chinese sticky rubbers.
The text and other graphics are in gold color. Both of gold and red are the favorite colors of Chinese players.
Although DNA Dragon Grip 55 is a sticky rubber, it is made in Germany.
To protect the stickiness, top sheet is covered by a plastic sheet.
The apperance of the microstructure of top sheet looks different from that of non-sticky rubbers in DNA series. (I haven’t compared the microstructures yet.) Also, we can feel the stickiness if we touch the surface by finger.
The color of sponge is orange.
The sheet is thick, and the pimple is low. The diameter of pimple is also smaller than that of non-sticky rubbers in DNA series.

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