Tibhar ‘Fortino Pro DC Inside’ is the 4th blade of ‘Fortino’ series whos fiber is new Dyneema Carbon. ‘Fortino Pro DC Inside’ can be considered as the inner-fiber version of ‘Fortino Pro’ which is an outer-fiber blade. ‘DC Inside’ directly means that this is the Dyneema Carbon blade of inner-fiber construction. The elasticity of this blade is moderate, and the feeling is neutral. ‘Fortino Pro’ is recommended for the players who want to play with continuous topspin.

Fortino Pro DC Inside is one of the top models of Tibhar. This blade is made in Germany.
Thickness is around 6.1mm. Dyneema Carbon is placed between middle layer and center layer.
Aluminum plate is pladed at forehand side of handle. The plate is shared with former ‘Fortino Pro’. And, ‘DC Inside’ isn’t written on the plate.
At the end of handle, there is an Aluminum badge that includes ‘With Dyneema’ logo instead of Tibhar logo.
The handle shapes are traditional Tibhar shapes. Both of two are differfent from ordinary shapes. But, not as unique as the handles of old Tibhar blades.

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