Tibhar ‘Quad Wing Power’ is the local model of Tibhar for Asian market, and wasn’t launched in Europe. As the word ‘Quad’ in its name, it is a blade with 5+4 ply quad-fiber construction. Woven carbon fiber is placed under the top layer, and carbon fleece is placed between the middle layer and the center layer. ‘Quad Wing Power’ is very fast blade. But, it holds ball deeper than ordinary ‘Hinoki-Carbon’ blade of this speed class such as Butterfly ‘Schlager Light’.

‘Quad Wing Power’ is one of the blades developed by TTGearLab. TTGearLab managed everything of the development from the concept of blade to the graphic design.

The white ‘Quad Wing’ printing on the head expresses that it has four layers of fibers.
The construction is 5+2 ply quad fiber. Top layer is Hinoki. Total thickness is around 6.0mm. Outer fiber is woven carbon fiber, and inner fiber is carbon fleece. Center layer is heat treated.
The color blocks of the inside of handle makes gradient from burgundy red to yellow.
End plastic lens shows the information of blade construction and fibers.

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