Work of TTGearLab :

(1) The concept of blade family

(2) Designing the constructions of plywoods (using performance indices)

(3) Designing the head shape and handle shape

(4) Graphic design – Handle wood blocks, lenses and head printings

Quand Wing series is the blade family for limited area – mainly Asian market. And, the two models of Quad Wing series were sold only in some markets. By the request of a Tibhar distributor, TTGearLab managed the development of Quad Wing series.

The experience of the development of Xiom quad-fiber blades (= Zetro Quad, V1 Quad and some other samples) was fully utilized for the development of Quad Wing series. Because Quad Wing series were planned as powerful blades for Asian market, Hinoki was selected as the top layer of two models. Therefore, the two models can be considered as so-called Hinoki-Carbon blades. But, differently from common Hinoki-Carbon blades of 3+2 ply construction, the construction of Quad Wing series is 5+2 ply quad-fiber construction.

As its name expresses, Quad Wing Power is a very fast blade whose elasticity is very high (but not extreme). It has four layers of carbon fiber. Woven carbon fiber is placed under the top layer, and carbon fleece is placed between middle layer and center layer. So, it can be also called as a ‘quad carbon’ blade. It was designed to be used not only for fast attack but also for topspin. Therefore, it is relatively softer than common Hinoki-Carbon blades, and holds ball deeper when player hits ball very strongly.

Quad Wing Control is softer and slower variation of Quad Wing Power. As its name expresses, it provides very high ability of ball control. It is the moderately fast blade that can be used for various offensive styles. The outer fiber under top layer is Basalt fiber. (It is written on this blade as ‘Volcanic Fiber’. That is to avoid the trouble caused by trademark issue.) And, carbon fleece is placed between the middle layer and the center layer.

Following are the performance indices of Quad Wing series :

Quad Wing Power

– Ep = 2.44

– Ec = 2.20 (Ec/Ep = 0.90)

– Vp = 1.44

– Vl = 1.58 (Vl/Vp = 1.10)

Quad Wing Control

– Ep = 1.89

– Ec = 1.86 (Ec/Ep = 0.99)

– Vp = 1.31

– Vl = 1.22 (Vl/Vp = 0.93)

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