Work of TTGearLab :

(1) The concept of blade family

(2) Designing the constructions of plywoods (using performance indices)

(3) Overall graphic design (under the design rule of adidas)

RadiX series was the blade family consists of three high-priced blades developed for Asian market, while Strike series consists of relatively low-priced models. Three models of RadiX series share the material of top layer and fiber. Top layer is Hinoki, and fiber is RX (RedFlex) Carbon which is a kind of Aramid Carbon but with higher energy efficiency. RadiX is thd compound word from RX and adi (of adidas). It means the RX-Carbon blades of adidas.

The graphic design of RadiX is based on that of Strike series. Although the design is based on the guideline of adidas, TTGearLab tried to make the look of blades as refined as possible. Assymetric design is applied to handles, and ‘adidas red’ color is applied to the background of lenses and the the blade names printed on the head. The red color also matches the color of fiber material.

RadiX Ultimate is the fastest one. It is a very thick blade of 3+2 ply construction, and is a bit slower than Strike Carbon but gives much softer feeling thanks to RX-Carbon.

RadiX Express is a 5+2 ply outer-fiber blade that the RX-Carbon is inserted under the top layer. It is as fast as RadiX Ultimate. But, it gives lower center elasticity than RadiX Ultimate. Therefore RadiX Express was recommended for topspin players, while RadiX Ultimate was recommended for fast attackers.

RadiX Impress is a 5+2 ply inner-fiber blade that the RX-Carbon is inserted between middle layer and center layer. It is the slowest in the RadiX serie, but faster than most of inner-fiber blades.

Because RadiX series is the blade family only for Asian market, the three models were not launched in European market. (Also those were not launched in Japanse market whose character is similar to that of European market.)

Following are the performance indices of RadiX series :

RadiX Ultimate

  – Ep = 2.48

  – Ec = 3.04 (Ec/Ep = 1.23)

  – Vp = 1.62

  – Vl = 1.11 (Vl/Vp = 0.68)

RadiX Express

  – Ep = 2.50

  – Ec = 2.49 (Ec/Ep = 1.00)

  – Vp = 1.47

  – Vl = 1.27 (Vl/Vp = 0.86)

RadiX Impress

  – Ep = 1.70

  – Ec = 1.68 (Ec/Ep = 0.99)

  – Vp = 1.22

  – Vl = 1.07 (Vl/Vp = 0.88)

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