By the change of ITTF rule, various colors of top sheet can now be used instead of red. (The top sheet of the rubber on the other side should be black.) The first Tibhar rubber with the top sheet colors other than red and black is ‘Quantum X Pro’ which is one of the most important rubber in Tibhar rubber range. The new colors are pink and blue. ‘Quantum X Pro’ is more biased to speed, while ‘Evolution’ series is focused more on spin.

There are two versions of Quantum X Pro Blue/Pink. One of the regular version equipped with 47.5 degree sponge, and the other is the soft version equipped with 42.5 degree sponge.

‘Acid Green’ is another new color that Tibhar selected. But, it isn’t applied to Quantum X Pro. Instead, Tibhar launched Acid Green version of ‘Grass D.TecS’.

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