This article introduces the proposal for the graphic design of Li-Ning Element series.

TTGearLab managed the engineering and the graphic design of Element series. But, because the project was cancelled due to Covid-19, the proposal couldn’t be brought into production.

The motif was the 4 elements of Plato – Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The local distributor ordered the blades those can be expressed by fire, water, air and earth, and TTGearLab tried to make the constructions following that order. The names of three models (Fotia, Nero and Aeras) are from Greek words, and that of the other one model (Terra) is from Roman word.

The common rating by TTGearLab is printed on the heads of all models.

Fotia (= fire) is for very aggressive play at close-to-table area.

Nero (= water) is for continuous topspin.

Aeras (= air) is for fast attack. Lightweight is also an important character of this model.

Terra (= earth) is for all-round play that lays emphasis on safety.

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