1. Quantum X Pro – introduction

Quantum X Pro Fig01
Fig.01 Packaging of Tibhar ‘Quantum X Pro’

In early 2020, Tibhar announced ‘Quantum X Pro’ which is the new top model of already existing ‘Quantum’ series. ‘Quantum’ is another top rubber family of Tibhar, which plays different role from ‘Evolution’ series. ‘Quantum’ series aims at power by high speed shot, while ‘Evolution’ series is basically focused on spin. Regarding existing models of ‘Quantum’ series, please refer to the article ‘Tibhar Quantum series – Review‘.

‘Quantum X Pro’ is keeping the basic concept of ‘Quantum’ series. But, Tibhar is explaining that not only speed but also the ration between rotation/trajectory has been improved. It means that ‘Quantum X Pro’ provides more ability of spin than existing ‘Quantum’ series. In fact, ‘Quantum X Pro’ isn’t based on existing ‘Quantum’ or ‘Quantum S’. It is based on ‘Quantum X’ which has been sold only in Asian market.

Quantum X Pro Fig02
Fig.02 ‘Quantum X Pro’ and ‘Quantum X’

‘Quantum X Pro’ shares the top sheet with ‘Quantum X’. For that reason, we can’t find the word ‘Pro’ from the top sheet of ‘Quantum X Pro’.

Quantum X Pro Fig03
Fig.03 The top sheet of ‘Quantum X Pro’ is identical to that of ‘Quantum X’

The improvement of performance from ‘Quantum X’ is thanks to the improvement of sponge. Instead of purple colored sponge of ‘Quantum X’, newly developed cream-colored sponge is applied for ‘Quantum X Pro’.

Quantum X Pro Fig04
Fig.04 The sponge of ‘Quantum X Pro’

The density of sponge hasn’t been announced yet. It is estimated to be 47.5~50.0 degree. (The density data will be updated in the future.)

At the same time with ITTF registration number (= 74-031), the unique top sheet of ‘Quantum X’ has been taken over. The pimple geometry of ‘Quantum X Pro/Quantum X’ is different from any other German rubber. And, there is noticeable difference from the pimple geometry of ‘Quantum X Pro/Quantum X’ and that of existing ‘Quantum/Quantum S’.

Quantum X Pro Fig05
Fig.05 The comparison of pimple geometries

Above picture shows the comparison between the pimple geometry of ‘Quantum X Pro’ and that of ‘Quantum S’. (‘Quantum S’ shared the top sheet with ‘Quantum’.) First, the arrangement of the pimples of ‘Quantum X Pro’ is dense while that of ‘Quantum S’ is sparse. Second, the pimple of ‘Quantum X Pro’ is low (= short), while the height (= length) of the pimple of ‘Quantum S’ is regular. Dense arrangement of pimples means that ‘Quantum X Pro’ is developed under the consideration of spin performance. We can find that kind of dense arrangement from Tibhar ‘Evolution MX-P’ or Butterfly ‘Tenergy 05’. (Strictly speaking, the arrangement of the pimples of ‘Quantum X Pro’ is a bit more sparse than those of ‘Evolution MX-P’ and ‘Tenergy 05’.) However, the pimples of ‘Evolution MX-P’, ‘Tenergy 05’ and many other modern rubbers are noticeably longer than the pimples of ‘Quantum X Pro’. We can find similar pimple height as ‘Quantum X Pro’ from many Chinese sticky rubbers, although ‘Quantum X Pro’ isn’t a sticky rubber.

Quantum X Pro Fig06
Fig.06 ‘Quantum X Pro’ & existing ‘Quantum’ series

From the unique pimple geometry, it is expected that ‘Quantum X Pro’ will give much difference from existing ‘Quantum’ series. I performed court testing for the comparison between ‘Quantum X Pro’ and ‘Quantum/Quantum S’.

2. Court Test

For the testing of ‘Quantum X Pro’ I selected Tibhar ‘Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition’ and Tibhar ‘Fortino Pro’. ‘Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition’ is my favorite blade that is always used for testing. ‘Fortino Pro’ is selected just because it is very good blade for smash and block. Therefore ‘Fortino Pro’ makes excellent combination with speed-oriented rubbers such as ‘Quantum’ and ‘Quantum S’. As always, some other blades were also used for testing. I will explain only the average result of testing if there isn’t anything that should be especially mentioned.

The feeling of ‘Quantum X Pro’ is apparently harder than that of ‘Quantum’. Especially the top sheet of ‘Quantum X Pro’ is harder than that of ‘Quantum’ and ‘Quantum S’. However, the overall feeling of ‘Quantum X Pro’ is not as hard as that of ‘Evolution MX-P’. Some players will feel that ‘Quantum X Pro’ isn’t hard at all. The ‘click’ feel of top sheet is not apparent, probably because of densely arranged short pimples. The player may feel as if the top sheet deflects at the same time with sponge.

Regarding performance, ball speed is impressive. It is very easy to make fast ball. The trajectory of ball is somewhat linear. However, ball control is much better than expected, thanks to improved spin and unique feeling. ‘Quantum X Pro’ produces noticeably more spin than ‘Quantum’ or ‘Quantum S’, although the amount of spin is not as big as that from ‘Evolution MX-P’. Unique feeling is of course because of unique pimple geometry. Player will be easily predict the result of impact. The high level of predictability is the most important advantage of ‘Quantum X Pro’. It also makes playing at close-to-table area very easy. Although the amount of spin from ‘Quantum X Pro’ is not as satisfactory as that from ‘Evolution’ series, continuous quick topspin at close-to-table with ‘Quantum X Pro’ is excellent, because high level of predictability makes the play very stable and very precise. Block is also very easy to perform, and very precise. At the beginning I expected that ‘Quantum X Pro’ will be very good for the topspin from mid-distance area because it makes very fast ball. However, during testing I noticed that ‘Quantum X Pro’ is optimized more for the play at close-to-table area.

Smash by ‘Quantum X Pro’ is better than that by ‘Evolution’ series. But, the feeling of smash is less exciting than expected. If you need more exciting feeling of smash, ‘Quantum’ or ‘Quantum S’ may be better than ‘Quantum X Pro’. The actual advantage of ‘Quantum X Pro’ for smash is also the stability and the predictability. The ease of smash also makes the play at close-to-table area very easy.

The combination with ‘Fortino Pro’ is good for all-round play. Speed is very pleasant because of high elasticity of ‘Fortino Pro’. However, although the combination of ‘Quantum X Pro’ and ‘Fortino Pro’ can make high speed ball, it fits more for all-round play. And, the combination with ‘Samsonov Force Pro Black Edition’ provides better performance of close-to-table topspin. During the testing I felt that the blade with a bit restrained elasticity makes better balance when combined with ‘Quantum X Pro’. I think that Tibhar ‘Fortino Performance’ and Butterfly ‘InnerForce Layer ALC’ may make the mostly balanced combination with ‘Quantum X Pro’.


3. Summary

Tibhar ‘Quantum X Pro’ is a new top model of ‘Qauntum’ series which lays importance not on spin but on speed. While keeping the basic concept – speed – of ‘Quantum’ series, ‘Quantum X Pro’ provides improved spin and more direct feeling by the application of new pimple geometry. Very high predictability thanks to the dense arrangement of short pimples is another advantage of ‘Quantum X Pro’. It makes the play at close-to-table area very easy and precise. If player doesn’t stick to top level of spin performance, ‘Quantum X Pro’ will be one of the best choices. The combination with mid~mid-high speed blade with soft feeling will make best balance.

• Ease of making fast ball.
• Very high level of predictability.

• Lower spin performance than spin-oriented top class rubbers such as ‘Evolution MX-P’.

• Speed-oriented of top level, that provides improved balance of performance and excellent ease of use.

• The players who want to easily make fast ball but at the same time don’t want to give up safety and precision.
• Close-to-table players who want more direct and more precise feeling of rubber.

Quantum X Pro Fig07


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