I had once managed “TT Equipments”  on blog service by Apple Computer. However, two years after the start of my blog, Apple suddenly closed its blog service because there weren’t many bloggers who were using Apple blog. So I couldn’t help closing my blog at that time. After the closing of my blog, I couldn’t have chance and energy for starting my blog again on another blog service. However, at the beginning of 2017 I decided to anyway start my blog again.

In this new blog I will first introduce new performance indices of evaluating blades. New performance indices are measured values, and will be utilized for the review or the comparison of table tennis blades. I want to also use similar system for rubbers. But, the cost for measuring table tennis rubbers is much higher, and I can’t help writing just traditional review on rubbers for a while. Please understand the difference between the ‘technical’ reviews on blades and the ’emotional’ review on rubbers. In the future I will also try technical reviews on rubbers by measured performance indices.

My favorite table tennis brands are (1) Tibhar, (2) Stiga and (3) Butterfly. So, maybe most of table tennis products shown on this blog will be the ones from those three brands. But, I will try to introduce as various brands as possible. Also I welcom the donation or the support by table tennis company.