TTGearLab provides total solution for the development of table tennis equipments – blades and rubbers (= coverings). According to the needs of table tennis companies, TTGearLab does everything from engineering to graphic design.

TTGearLab’s engineering is based on measurement technology. From 2004, TTGearLab has developed a technology to quantify the characteristics of table tennis blades through objective measurement, and as an engineering consultant, TTGearLab has managed the development of table tennis blades from various manufacturers by applying this technology.

TTGearLab determines the positions of blades by measurement, thereby defining clear position of the blades in a manufacturer’s range. Such clear positioning can help manufacturers well understand their blades and perform appropriate marketing. In addition, TTGearLab can implement a wide range of products in a short period of time by setting the target positions of products numerically and proceeding with development in a numerical approach to the target.

TTGearLab’s primary focus is engineering, but as needed, TTGearLab also does graphic design of table tennis blades. TTGearLAb has sometimes been in charge of designing only a specific product family, and sometimes designing the entire product range of a manufacturer. In either case, TTGearLab has tried to maximize the brand image through a unified design.

Below is the list of blades develped by TTGearLab :

  • Xiom Novus series 2008 : Engineering only
  • Xiom Novus series 2010 : Engineerign only
  • adidas FiberTec series : Engineering + Graphic Design (cooperation with a German design company)
  • adidas Challenge series : Engineering + Graphic Design (cooperation with a US design company)
  • adidas Avenger series : Engineering + Graphic Design (cooperation with a US design comppany)
  • adidas Strike series : Engineering + Graphic Design (under the design rule of adidas)
  • adidas RadiX series : Engineering + Graphic Design (under the design rule of adidas)
  • adidas Hypertouch : Engineering + Graphic Design (under the design rule of adidas)
  • adidas Protex series : Engineering + Graphic (cooperation a German design company)
  • adidas Accelum series : Engineering only
  • ITC Premier series : Engineering + Graphic Design
  • ITC Dynarc series : Engineering + Graphic Design
  • ITC RadiX/FiberTec/Challenge/Accelum series : Engineering + Graphic Design
  • Tibhar Quad Wing series : Engineering + Graphic Design
  • Tibhar Samsonov Quad series : Engineering + Graphic Design
  • Nexy Yoo Nam Kyu Pro ALC : Engineering + Graphic Design
  • ValueWin Cougar series : Engineering + Grpahic Design
  • Li-Ning Element series : Engineering + Graphic Design (PROJECT CANCELLED BY COVID19)

The details of above blades will be explained in ‘Portfolio’ section.

(Blades those are prohibited from disclosure by the manufacturer are excluded from the list above.)

Many blades on above list have printed graph of performance ratings on their heads, those performance ratings are modified form of performance indices measured by TTGearLab and shown in this home page. Especially Xiom helped TTGearLab in the early stage of research, and TTGearLab provided the early form of performance indices to Xiom while developing Xiom Novus series. Since then TTGearLab changed many parts of the calculation of performance indices, and new method has been used since the development of the adidas FiberTec series. And, the newest form of Performance Ratings are shown on the heads of ITC blades, Nexy Yoo Nam Kyu Pro ALC and cancelled Li-Ning blades.

Since the late 2010s, TTGearLab has also been working on the performance indices of table tennis rubbers. However, differently from blade development, there is little room for the performance indices to be used in rubber development. That is because performance indices of rubbers have already been used for long time in famous OEM rubber factory in Germany. Also, the leading company in the measurement of rubber performance indices is in Germany, and TTGearLab has yet to reach that level. That company has provided the measurement technology to German OEM factory for long time. Development by scientific method is one of the reasons German OEM factory has been able to grow so quickly.

However, it would be meaningful enough to numerically compare the characteristics of rubbers in the market. Therefore, TTGearLab would like to introduce the performance indices of rubbers in near future.

During the rubber development process, TTGearLab performs all or part of the following processes :

  1. Consulting
  2. Determining the concept of the product
  3. Prototype development in collaboration with rubber OEM companies
  4. Testing of prototype rubbers
  5. Graphic design of rubber mold
  6. Graphic design of rubber packaging
  7. Management of ITTF registration process

TTGearLab intends to use performance indices also in rubber development in the future, and will further develop rubber measurement technology for this purpose.

TTGearLab has led or has been involved in the development of the rubbers in the following list :

  • Xiom Vega series : Consulting (TTGearLab didn’t do anything except for consulting.)
  • adidas P7 : Concept, Prototype development, Testing, Packaging Design
  • adidas TenZone Ultra : Concpet, Prototype development, Testing
  • adidas SynTec Fast : Concept, Prototype development, Testing
  • adidas Sonic : Concept, Prototype development
  • ITC PowerCell RS : Full process
  • ITC PowerCell MP : Full process
  • ITC Spyder : Full process
  • Nexy Karis : Consulting, Prototype development
  • Nexy Etika & Etika Pro : Consulting, Measurement of performance indices

(The performance indices were used during the development of Nexy Etika and Etika Pro.)

Following is the history of TTGearLab :

2004 : A.R.T.E. started the research on table tennis equipments

2004~ : Research on the measurement of table tennis blades

2005~2010 : Engineering consulting for XIOM

2006 : Development of the early form of performance indices system of blades for XIOM

2008~ : Engineering consulting for Nexy

2011 : The name is changed from A.R.T.E to ReDATT

2011 : Development of new performance indices system of blades

2011~2015: Engineering consulting for adidas table tennis

2014~2016 : Engineering consulting for ITC

2017 : The name is changed from ReDATT to TTGearLab

2018~ : Research on the measurement of table tennis rubbers

TTGearLab is open for all table tennis manufacturers. TTGearLab provides engineering consulting or total development package to every manufacturer who wants to utilize the objective development system to expand the product range. Besides it, the performance ratings (= modified form of performance indices) can be provided to every manufacturer who wants to introduce this common rating system. And, it will be welcomed if manufacturers provide their existing products for TTGearLab. Then TTGearLab will measure those products and will announce the indices of those products on TTGearLab home page. Then it will also be great help for customers who want to compare table tennis products under common standard.

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